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Mo Beard "Alibaba" or "Cuba St." Beard Oil and "The Big Wigg" Moustache Wax
Ideal package of exquisite Mo Beard "Alibaba" or Cuba St." Beard Oil (25 ml) and premium Mo Town "The Big Wigg" Moustache Wax (20 ml). Together, these two make a fantastic package for male facial hair grooming. "Alibaba" has a spicy, buttery, caramel smell and "Cuba St." smells like a blend of fragrant espresso and rich dark chocolate. Either choice of Mo Beard Oil will leave your beard smelling and feeling exquisite. And "The Big Wigg" is a firm hold moustache wax that will keep your 'tache in divine form.

Mo Beard Oil is delicious oil applied to the beard to condition and strengthen the hairs and soothe skin irritation and dryness. For more information about "Alibaba" Beard Oil, click here. For more information about "Cuba St." Beard Oil, click here.

Please select what flavour Mo Beard Oil you would like from the drop down list above.

Mo Town "The Big Wigg" is premium moustache wax used to tame and style the moustache. For more information, click here.


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