Beard Oil


Beard Oil, Beard Oil, Beard Oil

We've done it again. The testing is complete and we have launched the very delicious Mo Beard "Cuba St." Beard Oil.

"Cuba St." Beard Oil follows in the footsteps of the simply brilliant Mo Beard "Alibaba" Beard Oil, using the same top-of-the-range oils to condition and shine the beard, and promote growth and health. "Cuba St." smells of rich dark chocolate and coffee beans sourced from far-off places, culminating in a smell which is pretty irresistible and it's hard to stop yourself picking up the bottle for a taste. It reminds us of sitting in Cuba St. cafes drinking espresso and eating chocolate croissants while people amble along about their business.

Click here to purchase Mo Beard "Cuba. St." Beard Oil.

We test our products on human guinea pigs before they are launched to ensure that what we put out is the best you'll find, and we're always keen for new guinea pigs. If this is something you're interested in (free samples of beard oil, who wouldn't be?), check back here every so often and when we require your facial hair, we'll let you know to contact us and you can sign up. 

As always, testing places are highly sought after, so be in quick as places are limited.

Any questions or comments, contact us through the contact link below.