How to apply Firm Hold Mo Town Moustache Wax

  1. For “The Big Wigg”, open lid and follow instructions below. For “The Lazy Thug”, remove lid and twist a little wax out and either apply directly onto your moustache or by following instructions below.
  2. Scrape the back of your fingernail over the surface of the wax, collecting some wax as you go. 
  3. Remove wax from your fingernail with your thumb and index finger and rub together lightly into a little golden ball. 
  4. Split the wax between your thumbs and index fingers of both hands and gently rub together to cover the tips of both index fingers and thumbs.
  5. Lightly rub the wax into your moustache starting with the middle and working out towards the edges.
  6. If desired, comb the wax through your moustache to ensure all the hairs are evenly coated. 
  7. Put a little more wax on your index fingers and thumbs and rub into the tips of your moustache. 
  8. Twist the tips of your moustache to get an upward curl.

Note: As with anything, practice makes perfect and moustache styling is no different. Have a play around with different styles and techniques until you are happy. For example, it may be that your moustache behaves better if the wax is applied directly after a shower. If any clumping occurs, brush wax evenly through your moustache to remove and rub gently with your finger to warm wax and aid in even distribution.