The Big Wigg


Firm Hold Mo Town Moustache Wax (20 ml)
The finest quality moustache wax. The light gold colour comes from the natural, organic ingredients, and the wax has a beautiful, subtle smell of New Zealand honey. This is a really tacky, firm-holding moustache wax that retains some flexibility, and will keep your moustache in place through the strongest Wellington wind. If you are after a wax that will maintain the shape of your moustache after a game of squash, a soak in the spa, or even an afternoon spearfishing, then this is the stuff you're after. 

Each tin is individually hand-poured and tested for quality before being stamped with the "Mo" seal, and is shipped in an individual box packed snugly with wood wool. This is a premium product, and a little goes a long way - using it every day, a tin will last between 9 and 12 months. Please note, the colour of the "Mo" seal may vary.

Organic New Zealand Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Organic Arabic Gum.

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